Relations & Strategy

Fair Value = Performance – Expectation + Perception

We provide a full range of investor relations services. The goal is to formulate a clear and concise message for the investment community and to build an audience of loyal followers and investors.
It is critical to set and then exceed expectations, and collectively, Standard Edge works tirelessly to manage those expectations on an ongoing basis. We accomplish this by combining the disciplines of communication and finance:

  • Developing a corporate image.
  • Defining reasonable expectations, and creating a strategy to convey these expectations.
  • Selecting and refining a target audience.
  • Contacting appropriate analysts, fund managers, investment professionals and accredited investors
  • Disseminating timely information and providing consistency with respect to our clients’ future
    growth prospects and financial forecasts.
  • Providing actionable feedback to clients.

We will develop a comprehensive investor relations program which greatly improves the public image by clearly articulating client’s key investment attributes, strategic direction and financial expectations.
We provide a comprehensive, customized approach which concisely communicates the historic performance, strategic vision, reputation, and competitive strengths of each client. To achieve a premium valuation, it is essential to consistently review the competitive landscape and differentiate the unique, cutting-edge offerings of clients, be it a product, technology, or service.
We continuously follow up and gather feedback from new and current shareholders, which continually improves the ongoing market perception of our clients. We provide clients direct access to our established relationships.


Targeting Investors

Messaging & Positioning

In today’s market, many investment professionals require a face-to-face meeting to gauge a management team prior to investment. Our role is critical due to the time-intensive nature of this campaign element. Maximizing management’s time – we lay the groundwork by ensuring clients are meeting with the right audience and that each contact has the ability to take action if due diligence is favourable.